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My daughters skincare; Tried and Tested products

Naturally when I discovered I was going to be a mother I waited for a few months before going on a big shopping spree. Some of the first things I purchased for my daughter was toiletries, not knowing that her skin would be so sensitive I purchased the whole Johnson’s baby range.

Once my daughter was here I started out using the first touch baby Johnson’s products. Now these items are developed especially for newborns and they are fragrance free. I believed that these would be most suitable for her and I did not want to startle her by introducing strong scented fragrances straightaway. I realised after a week or so that my daughter started to react to the Johnson’s range, so I took her to the doctors and I began using Oilatum on her.

I must add that at birth my daughter’s skin appeared to be dry no matter how many times I lotioned her. I tried using Vaseline to no avail, of course I am sure that you can imagine my frustration, not with my daughter, but at the fact that I could not seem to find a suitable product for her.

After using Oilatum I noticed a huge improvement and I was forever grateful to my doctor for his assistance and for actually listening. A few other doctors kept telling me that this was “natural.” I refused to accept this as just something that babies go through because I believed that her skin was actually irritating her especially when she started to react to the Johnson’s range. Her skin became red and I began to notice blemishes.

As my daughter has grown, [she is now 7 months] I moved her on to Burt’s Bees and I simply love the smell of their range. It has a lovely sweet honey smell, although at first the smell made me feel slightly nauseated, but I have since become used to it and I enjoy smelling the fragrance on my daughter! I still incorporate Oilatum in my daughters skincare routine, but I use Burt’s Bees on her body and I leave the Oilatum for her face only.

Cradle cap, I would love to say is a thing of the past, but unfortunately it is still recurring. It has been a nightmare and I was so saddened to watch as my daughters beautiful hair fell out at the sides and the back, [thankfully she was left with some hair on the top of her head]. My brothers fiancée has been great and she introduced me to earth friendly baby products. I tried the soothing chamomile shampoo and bodywash in my daughters hair and I noticed the cradle cap started to give in to defeat, I was ecstatic!

I had tried coconut oil in my daughters hair, but this started to irritate her skin on her forehead, so I stopped. Now I just use earth friendly products for my daughters hair and it leaves her hair not only feeling squeaky clean, but light and fluffy! Once dried I add a Shea Butter mix [I make her Shea butter mix using different oils known to promote growth, keep her hair moisturised and eliminate cradle cap] to her hair and then I style it as normal. I have noticed that her hair is growing back gradually and I see that she still has her beautiful hair texture, so I am pleased about this.

Finding the perfect product for your child, may be like my exprience; trial and error. I recommend you to do your research and before investing in the large size see if you can purchase a smaller size or even if you can get your hands on a sample. I had to realise that what my mother used on my brothers and I as children [the Johnson’s baby range] did not work for my daughter. It just goes to show and prove the point that every child is different!

With love,

Roxanne-Sasha x

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