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Change your focus!

One thing about being a single mother that I have discovered is sometimes your mind gets so busy and often runs away with you. However, now is the time to take control and change your focus. Switch your negative thoughts to positive and reject any negative thinking because it is no longer welcome in your life!

  • Make God a priority if you have not already. He loves you very much and He would also like to know that you feel the same. God knows our thoughts of course, but show Him. Remember “faith without works is dead!” ( James 2:14).

  • As mentioned earlier, change your mind set from negative to positive. As long as you feed negative feelings, negative emotions and negative anything you are giving negativity a key to your life. Change the locks and tell negativity that it is no longer welcome! If ever you find any negativity creeping in replace it with happy thoughts, possibly happy images like those of your child. Try to always align your thoughts according to God’s word and learn to filter out and discern what is of God and what is not. “We destroy every proud obstacle that keeps us from knowing God. We capture their rebellious thoughts and team them to obey Christ,” -2 Corinthians 10:5

  • As much as you love your children it is healthy for you to have some quiet time to yourself. Dependent on their age this may be tricky because if they are like my daughter, she rarely naps she is a very busy little bee. However, if they nap during the day use that time to have your quiet time. Talk to God, read His word, listen to worship music, sing to Him and meditate. Utilise whatever quiet time you have left to do things that make you happy, for example watching an edifying/comical film, facetiming friends or family. Whatever floats your boat!

  • Get a prayer partner! This will be great for you because you can pray with someone that you trust and they can possibly help you with issues you may be facing. Never feel ashamed, you may find that your prayer partner has faced some similar issues. Ask them what they did to overcome certain obstacles.

  • Attend church; bible studies, prayer meeting, etc. Does your church have a crèche? If you feel comfortable doing so, maybe you can drop your child off to have some fun and socialise with the other children as you go into the main service. You will meet new people and build great, positive, lasting relationships with other members.

I hope that this post has been enriching for you and that it helps you to think about a few things. Be encouraged.

With love,

Roxanne-Sasha x

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