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Popsicle Velcro Atwood Vans

I saw these and they caught my eye immediately (not for me, but for my daughter). Now, I LOVE Vans, I have a growing collection. They're stylish and very comfortable, I can go out for long walks in them without my feet feeling sore. I must admit, these particular Vans are not my typical style of footwear for my daughter, because I am not a fan of colour. However, my daughter is a vibrant character, she has a huge personality and colours just look amazing on her! She saw these and she picked them up, so I had to get them for her. So far, she opts to wear them on a daily basis and she appears to be comfortable in them which is a plus. She's had Vans before, but these are a replacement for her black and white ones. Bella is at the stage where she is learning to do things for herself, so the straps are particularly handy for helping her to feel a sense of independence when she puts her shoes on - sometimes on the wrong foot, but it's the effort that counts!

With love,

Roxanne-Sasha x

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