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Motherhood; Let The Sleepless Nights Commence!

As I type this, I have my little ray of sunshine laying down next to me in her carry cot. Motherhood is absolutely different to what I actually anticipated it to be. I mean I knew that there would be sleepless nights, but wow! It is even more difficult when you are doing it alone. I do have the support of my family and especially my mother. She’s great!

I am not at all ashamed to say that I am a single mother, in fact I knew that I would be one from the very beginning. Her father was pretty much non existent throughout my pregnancy and it took me a while to understand how someone I thought that I knew could behave in the manner in which he did. With that being said, I don’t hate him. I have no bad feelings towards him and I pray that wherever he is in the world that he is happy.

How? Some might ask.. Well it is rather simple. I chose a long time ago to forgive him for the constant lies, the insults and for the vulgar things he said about my daughter. She is the innocent one in all of this and she deserves better, but I found it hard to hate him despite everything he put me through. In fact he gave me one of the greatest things I’ve ever had in my life, which is my beautiful little angel.

When she was first born, I stared at her in shock as they presented this tiny little pale person to me stating she is my daughter. It took me a few days to get around to the idea that she was mine. It felt so strange because I kept looking at her thinking; “you came from me! You were in my tummy!” Now, we have a special bond and as she grows each day I cannot express how much I love her!

I mentioned earlier about the sleepless nights, but it is all so worth it! Before she was born, she was always very active around midnight into the early hours of the morning. I’m not at all surprised that she follows this very same routine. I am in no way a professional, but these are some steps that I am undertaking with her. So if you too have sleepless nights with your little one, read on:

1. Sleep when your baby is sleeping

I have been told this repeatedly from day one and at first I thought how is that even possible, but it is possible. When your baby is sleeping, put your phone down, get rid of all distractions and get some sleep.

2. Bath time!

My daughter absolutely loves bath time, I believe that the water reminds her of her nine month stay in my womb. It also really relaxes her and puts her in a good mood. By the time I’ve finished bathing her and getting her dressed, she’s ready for her milk and then she falls asleep.

For mums, I would highly recommend Radox. I love having a radox bath and now my scar is almost fully healed, I’ve been enjoying my baths again. Radox bath salts are just as good as the bath soak. The bath soaks range from;

Radox Feel Relaxed with lavender and waterlily

Radox Stress Relief with rosemary and eucalyptus

Radox Sleep Easy with chamomile and jasmine

Radox Muscle Soak with sage and sea minerals

3. Going for a walk

It has been said that babies like movement and also the sound of heartbeats in particular their mothers because that is what they used to hear in the womb. Take your baby for a nice relaxing stroll, you do not have to go anywhere fancy. Maybe up and down your road or even to your local shop.

4. Music

Some babies like to listen to sounds and music. Try to invest in a mobile for your baby or if that is not an option you could play some soft music for your baby. Lullabies and soft music can soothe your baby and help them and yourself to have a good nights sleep. Singing is also a good alternative especially because your baby loves to hear your voice!

If you try all of these methods and they don’t work, be patient. Remember your baby is still brand new and is taking time to adjust to this big world. Some babies often confuse daytime and nighttime and it may take them some time to learn the difference. One day when your baby finally gets it you will both enjoy a lovely sleep. Until then try to remain calm as this tiny little person depends on you for everything. If you’re angry your baby will pick up on this and that is not good. Most importantly speak to your baby and laugh with them. You may not realise it yet, but your baby enjoys listening to you and will soon start to mimic you!

With love,

Roxanne-Sasha x

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