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Why I have decided to not put pictures of my daughter online..

So, as many people may know I talk a lot about my daughter, but unless you are one of my close friends or a family member you would not have seen what she looks like. I made this decision very early on when I found out that I would be having a baby and this is mainly because I do not feel that my daughter's pictures need to be on the internet. At the same time, I do not judge others for wanting their children's pictures to be on Instagram or Facebook, etc, it is their child and it is their choice. I believe that as parents we have to do what is best for our children, there is no wrong or right answer when it comes to such matters.

The world is such a big and scary place, what frightens me even more is that as I post my usual posts I get so much people liking my pictures and I am grateful that they do so, however I also get the odd person who has inappropriate pictures on their page or various profanity which I tend to block. I do not want such people having access to my daughters pictures. I'm not saying that they will do anything with her pictures, but at the same time nobody knows.. Online people often pretend to be something that they are not because the internet has a tendency of providing a safe place for them, so to speak where their true identities, real intentiones and true personalities cannot be revealed so easily.

I am sure that some people are aware of the new trend better known as memes, where your pictures can be used to become a meme. This of course can be done without your permission and it may seem cute if the meme has nice words to go along with it, but what if it is offensive or derogatory, then what? Also, these individuals I am sure may not ask for your permission all of the time and will just use the pictures without a care in the world. Some individuals also find it funny to create fake accounts and do not care whose pictures they use, some may even go as far as pretending that they are you and that your child or children are theirs! The chances of these things happening are probably slim, but I would rather be safe than sorry. The world is full of many types of individuals, some are sane and some may not be! My advice would just be to be careful of what you post regarding yourself and your children whether you have a private or public account. Feel free to use the block and report option too, especially if you are observing weird or suspicious posts from a follower.

If I choose to put up a picture of my daughter it is usually a very small part of her body, such as an arm or her feet. Whilst I do not mind talking about my daughter and certain aspects of my life, I remain a private person and this is because I would like to protect my daughter. I am aware that I cannot protect her from everything, but at the same time I shall always do my best. I do not type all of this to scare anyone, I type it because the above is my reasons for why my daughters pictures will never make it to the internet. However, of course when she is of age then it is her choice whether or not she has an Instagram account (if it is still about by then!) until then I am perfectly happy with the choices that I have made regarding her.

Family and friends are also aware of this and therefore do not put any of my daughters pictures online. I believe that it is a matter of them understanding and respecting my wishes at the same time I have a few friends/relatives who may share the same perspective as me on this, therefore I do the same with their children's pictures. I also have friends and relatives who do not mind putting their children's pictures on the internet and that is again okay, because it is up to them what they wish to share. Many parents enjoy sharing pictures of their children because they are so proud of them and they want others to see the little beauty that they have created. Others, like myself are parent bloggers and therefore it goes with the territory. There is absolutely nothing wrong with sharing or not sharing pictures of your children, it is what you are comfortable with.

I have two instagram accounts, I have this instagram account: @theresilientmum and I have my personal private instagram account, I am very particular about what I share on my personal account of myself even! Also, I am selective with whom I accept to be a follower on my personal account and this is not because I am mean, but I prefer to accept people whom I know or actually engross in conversations with. I never post pictures of my daughter on my private account either, again the same: 'no pictures on the internet' of my daughter applies. On my @theresilientmum account I rarely share pictures of myself either, perhaps body parts, the same with my daughter. I prefer it that way. I love seeing pictures of little beauties and I always try to seek permission from their parents before reposting, so as to not upset anyone as I know that like myself these parents also have their own rules for sharing their children's pictures which is abslutely fair.

I hope that this post clears up a few things and also allows you to be free about what you decide to post on your social media accounts. So, long as you are not hurting anyone or offending anyone, then post away!

With love,

Roxanne-Sasha x

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