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We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen

Firstly, I totally LOVE this book, I remember reading it when I was a little girl, it has always been one of my favourite childhood books. Michael Rosen is the genius behind We're Going on a Bear Hunt and Helen Oxenbury is the illustrator. Together they both created an amazing tale of a family going on a bear hunt.

This story uses repetition and as a child I remember one of my favourite school teachers singing the story to us rather than reading it to us. Therefore when Bella selects this story I also sing the story to her, she absolutely loves it and gets excited as we turn each page!

Onomatopoeia "Squelch Squelch" and ""Splash Spolsh" and the use of various adjectives in this book helps to engage the reader and keep the story interesting. As the family experience difference weather conditions and go through different obstacles to reach their destination of the bears cave, we follow them on their journey. They go through the tall wavy grass, the deep cold river and even thick oozy mud, but that does not prevent them from continuing on with their adventure. I like that the characters show detemination and endurance, they show that no matter what they face it will not stop them from finding a bear! They also demonstrate great bravery with the repetitive refrain, "we're not scared!"

I love the rhythm in this book, it is so very well put together and the images help young minds to build up their own interpretation in their heads as they can begin to discover with you what they think is happening in each picture. The illustrator Helen Oxenbury uses both coloured pictures and black and white pictures which give the book a very artistic flair.

As mentioned earlier this book always has been one of my favourite childhood books, so much so that Bella has the normal paperback version, the hardback sound effect version and the smaller version attached to her pushchair! If you have not read this book with your little ones, I urge you to do so, it is absolutely brilliant!

With love,

Roxanne-Sasha x

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