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Birthday Fun!

Ah, I really had a lovely day on Monday celebrating my birthday. I spent it with my favourite ladies, minus 1, but we all had a great day. It all kicked off with us heading to Pancake House aka My Old Dutch in Kensington for some breakfast.

(left to right) Vanessa (VidXchange) and Madonna (Effe's D'Lightful Cakes).

Now, I should have known that my daughter would have more fun using her fork as a weapon and playing with her pancake rather than actually consuming it, but me being me, thought "maybe just maybe she will enjoy her pancake!" She probably would have, had I not dosed it with maple syrup, doh! Isabella-Grace does NOT like sweet things at all. So, after tasting it with the maple syrup, she proceeded to start to play with her food.

(Bella playing around with her pancake!)

The service at Pancake House in Kensington was rather slow, but the manager was a great guy. He was very friendly and helped to resolve an earlier matter. He kept coming to check on our table and the other tables which showed he really valued his customers. I totally adore people like this because it shows that they like their job and they actually want you to have a nice time. So, kudos to him. He seemed like a great guy!

(I opted for my favourite, strawberries, maple syrup and cream!)

After our breakfast we decided to jump on the dreaded tube..(dreaded for me because I do not like the underground at all). I find it very scary, hot, sweaty and just too claustrophobic for my liking. Nonetheless, I had my besties with me and of course my best friend forever keeping the whole carriage entertained with her laughter, singing and then her squeals of delight! I concluded after our journey on the central line that I will not be going anywhere near the underground for a very, very long time. The noises and screeching of the train on the tracks was enough to deafen us, but thank God we were not on there for that long.

We decided to go to Westfield, where we indulged in some shopping and I was of course in my element, what with Mac, Nyx, Kiko and so forth what more could a make-up addict want?! I was especially happy when I discovered that Superdrug were having a buy one, get one free sale on Real Techniques brushes. So, of course I made use of that and added to my growing collection.

We all knew what shops we wanted to go into so, we did not waste much time walking around. Bella fell asleep shortly after and she was out, for most of the time we spent shopping.

After Westfield, we headed to 805, where we were treated like royalty! The staff are so friendly and pleasant there. I was a little bit disappointed because they did not have the tiger prawns on that particular day, but I settled for the Monika fish with jollof rice.

(my Monika fish (above) and jollof rice (below)

It was really nice! I love the way they incorporate the spices and give their dishes this astounding flavour. It really tickles your tastebuds and I love spice, so it suits me just fine. Bella had fried rice and she insisted on feeding herself, although she did feed most of her rice to the table. In the end she did give up and allowed me to feed her some of her rice, before she lost interest. I think that she had a very long, but fun day and was as usual full of excitement. She just could not keep still!

(Bella's fried rice and fried plantain)

One of my Nessa (VidXchange) decided on jollof rice, chicken and plantain with salad and my other Donna (Effe's D'Lightful Cakes) opted for the Ayamase served with white rice and plantain. We all left very full!

(Nessa's jollof rice, chicken and plantain)

(Donna's Ayamase served with white rice and plantain)

(Our Pina Colada's and of course Bella's water!)

To end the day, Bella gave me lots of lovely cuddles once we were all tucked in and ready for bed. To me there is no better feeling than cuddling your baby and watching them fall asleep in your arms. Here's to many more birthdays and many more cuddles with my beautiful little lady!

With Love,

Roxanne-Sasha x

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