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18 Job Interview Tips!

September is officially back to school month for a lot of our children, but what about Mamas who are looking for their ideal job?! I thought it would be useful to devise a list of some tips for mamas looking to go back into employment to help you to nail that job interview! I hope that my list of tips will help you in some way.

1. Pack your bag the night before, don’t forget snacks!

2. Select your clothing and iron your clothes in advance.

3. Plan your journey beforehand and try to look at alternative routes just in case.

4. Set your alarm and ensure that you get a good night’s sleep.

5. Present yourself well; smart attire, neat hair and make-up (not too dramatic or OTT depending on the role you have applied for), comfortable shoes and neat nails.

6. Be punctual! Leave earlier than planned in order for you to beat rush hour and traffic. If you arrive too early, find the building and then go and grab a coffee, whilst you read over your interview notes.

7. DO YOUR RESEARCH! There is nothing more embarrassing than being asked; “what do you know about our company?” when you realise that you have not done your research and know absolutely nothing about the company; other than the fact that you really want the job! Awkward! Try to make it your aim to note and memorise between 2-4 facts about the company.

8. Consider some of the questions that they may ask, use the internet for some ideas. Questions such as;

Can you tell us about yourself?

Can you describe a time where you have had to deal with a difficult individual?

Why should we hire you?

9. Another question that potential employers love to ask is:

“What are your strengths and weaknesses?”

This question catches us off guard because of course we know what we are good at, but sometimes listing our weaknesses or flaws can leave us racking our brains! Let’s be honest, nobody likes to disclose their weaknesses, especially not to strangers. Think about your strengths and weaknesses; be prepared to talk about them. Do not view it as a terrible thing, we all have our own weaknesses. State what yours are and ways in which you would perhaps like to improve them.

10. Use the interview to your advantage to explain who you are, what you are good at and why you would be an asset to the company. In doing this, try to avoid being repetitive.

11. Be confident in yourself and your abilities. Even if you need to say, “I’ve got this! I’ve got this!” 20+ times. Say it and believe it!

12. Stay calm! This individual is your potential employer, they are not there to intimidate you or make you feel terrified. They just want to know how much of a fantastic person you are and how you intend to bring some of your amazing skills to their company.

13. If you need more time to answer a question, tell them and take some time to collect your thoughts then respond to their question. They will be impressed that rather than answering the question in haste, you take your time to consider their question and then you give them a well thought out answer.

14. Practice with a relative or friend. They will be able to help you by identifying where you may need more practice and they will tell you what you are doing well.

15. Try to use examples to support your statements when and where possible;

“I am a born leader. This is evident in my previous positions where I have led several successful projects, built up teams and led individuals to reach their full potential. I take pride in leading others because it is not just about me being successful, but it shows that I want the same for others.”

16. Try to avoid complaining about previous jobs and employers because you never know who knows who. It is indeed a small world! You do not want to come across as a toxic person or someone who complains a lot. Even if what you say is true, some things are best left unsaid. This employer will potentially become your new employer and they may think; “I wonder what she would say about me?!” It just does not look good at all!

17. When it is your turn to ask questions, show that you are interested in a future with the company. Ask questions such as;

“How will this role provide me with an opportunity to progress within the company?”

“In what way would the company support me with my desire to extend my current knowledge and skills in line with the position?”

18. Send them a thank you email expressing your gratitude even if you are not successful.

All the best when attending job interviews, I hope that you are successful! Let me know how your job interview went below!

With Love,

Roxanne-Sasha x

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