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Christmas Gift Ideas

With Christmas fast approaching the last thing you need to be doing is rushing around the stores like a headless chicken! I know how chaotic it can get trying to search for that perfect item when there are people in your shoes pacing around the shop trying to find their own presents. It is always an idea to have a list of the sort of presents you need and if you can help it try to avoid doing last minute shopping, as this may make you feel even more stressed out.

Rest assured, I have put together a list of i carefully selected items in order to make that shopping trip a little bit more relaxed. Without further ado, let's get into it!

* All products below are linked, please click on the name of each item to be taken to the items page!


1. Coffee Machine

First things first I know a lot of Mamas like to have their morning fuel in the morning. What better way to do this then investing in a coffee machine?! I do not drink coffee personally, but I know that this may go down a treat for the coffee loving Mamas out there!


2. She Reads Truth Bible

Whilst on the topic of early morning fuel. I have one of these myself and I just cannot put it down. This She Reads Truth bible was purchased for me for my birthday and it is one of the best presents I happened to receive. I love the colourful pages and how there are little notes from the editors giving their take on things. This is another valuable investment and an essential tool for every Christian Mama!

Available Online

Amazon - From £22.69 (depending on the colour and type of She Reads Truth Bible you select, prices vary.)


3. Spa Treatment Bath Set

No time to go to the spa? Well, that is alright then. Think relaxation, but in the comfort and warmth of your own home. Why not treat a loved one to this kit and allow them to enjoy pampering themself. It is nice for Mamas to have a little pick me up from time to time and sometimes finding childcare can be difficult, especially when you are an independent Mama. Having the freedom to pamper yourself at home is a win!

From Boots - £30.00 (Save £15.00 Was £45.00)


4. Candles

You can't go wrong with candles. I love lighting candles, especially fragranced ones! They help me to relax and will make your house smell fantastic.

Set Of 6 Votive Candles Gift Set

From Next - £12.00

These candles pictured above are from Next, they come in a box of 6. They smell amazing and I will be purchasing some more once these are finished. To purchase some for yourself or a loved one click here.

Yankee candles are very popular and with good reason; they have a wide range of different flavours, they are huge and last for a considerably long time.


5. Cup

A personalised cup makes having your morning brew that little bit special!

by Owl & Otter - £13.50


6. Educational Learning Toys & Toys

Educational toys for the little ones; these can be used by both genders.

From John Lewis - £18.00

Alternatively Argos has a cheaper version depending on your budget with a 2 for £15 offer!

From Argos - £10.99

Chad Valley PlaySmart Wooden Shape Sorter

From Argos - £10.99

From The Book People -£9.99

From Wilko - £7

From Wilko - £7

From Aldi - £12.99 (available in store only)

Little Town Wooden Garage

From Aldi - £19.99 (available in store only)

Be sure to check in at Lidl too because they have a really good range of toys and educational books out. They have train track sets, a toy plane, colourful dictionaries, colourful atlas and other picture books.


7. Notebook

I am obsessed with notebooks, I have about a million (joke!) Whenever I hit the shops I am guaranteed to come home with a new one. There are so many beautiful designs to choose from and you can always find use for a new one.

The Works: You get 25% off when you spend over £10 if you use the code: FESTIVE

From: The Works - £4

From The Works - £3

From The Works - £2

From The Works - £3

From The Works - £2

From The Works - £3


8. Books

Knowledge is power and there is always something new to learn. I have selected below some books that I believe every female should have own their bookshelf!

From Amazon - £9.29 (paperback)

From Amazon - £8.82 (paperback)

While you are there, be sure to check out her other titles too!

From Amazon - £6.99 (paperback)

From Amazon: £4.00 (paperback)


9. Clothes

We are quite funny us females because we will buy clothes upon clothes and still complain, "I've got nothing to wear!" A female can never have too many clothes!

From H&M: £8.99 (available in sizes from XS to XL)

From H&M: £9.99 (available in sizes XS to L, XL is currently sold out online)

From H&M: £12.99

Joni Jeans are the only type of Jeans I wear, other than that I either live in leggings or tights and dresses! They are comfortable and look great with trainers, heels or boots.

From Topshop: From £36.00 (prices vary)

(Sizes also vary; they can be purchased in regular, petite, tall and maternity)

From Zara: 29.99


From Zara: £29.99

From Zara: £49.99

From Public Desire - £14.99 (currently 50% off normally £29.99)

I totally LOVE Faux fur, my wardrobe kind of gives it away! Check out some of these luxurious faux fur coats below:

From New Look - £59.99

From New Look - £44.99

Missguided are currently offering 30% off for students (please login to your NUS account)

For 30% off coats and jackets, use code: wrapup


10. Giftcards

Simple and very convenient as the recipent can pick up what they want without you having to do much work. I usually purchase Love To Shop Vouchers, try your local post office as they usually stock giftcards too.

I hope that my guide has been helpful for you.

Happy Shopping!

With Love,

Roxanne-Sasha x

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