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Travel Essentials; Mama And Toddler Edition

For my birthday Bella and I went to Italy; it was Bella's first holiday and she thoroughly enjoyed herself! I am always organised and usually have everything ready and in its place, but I found myself double checking everything and packing then unpacking again – this time it was different because I am a Mother now meaning I was now travelling with my daughter. I do not like going anywhere and not having everything that I need, so it was imperative for me to ensure that her luggage was adequately packed and by that I mean – tons of clothing in addition to her milk and other essentials.

Packing Checklist

Stroller - Now, the first thing I would encourage every mother to do is bring is a stroller. Bella is fortunate enough to have 3 pushchairs – do not ask! However, 2 of them were not going on the plane because I did not want anything to happen to them. The easiest option was for me to go and purchase a basic stroller, this way if anything happened to it I would not be so upset nor would it be a big loss to me. The stroller was really convenient because it was lightweight and was a great help whenever Bella fell asleep.

Wipes and pull ups.

Bottles – if necessary. I did not bring Bella’s water bottle because she is able to use glasses with no issue.

Comfort toy.

Snacks and milk – Bella and I are lactose intolerant and although I know other countries do have a variety of milk, I was still adamant that I was going to bring some of Bella’s milk just in case. I prefer to stick to what works for her, but once in Italy I found something we could use.

First Aid Kit – I always put her thermometer in the first aid kit.


Mobile phone.

Tablet/iPad – with entertainment for the little one(s) and yourself. Bella had her usual learning games, Frozen (of course) and I had a lot of sermons on my iPad to keep me entertained.

Flashcards/learning resources.

Favourite books – I packed some activity books in addition to story books, so that Bella had something to do on the plane and when we were in the hotel. She loved sticking the stickers down.

Colouring books with crayons.

Toiletries – now not many people know this about me, unless you are close to me, but I am an avid make-up collector, like my collection is HUGE! So, when it comes to travelling with make-up I do not travel lightly at all! I put my make-up in my hand luggage because I did not want anything to get damaged.

Clothing – I mentioned earlier lots of change of clothing because children will always be children and accidents do happen. You should pack weather appropriate clothing for your destination of travel. I also packed a light jacket for Bella and I, just in case the weather was not as we anticipated. I packed about 4 pairs of footwear for myself and 3-4 pairs for Bella as she also likes to switch up her footwear as and when she chooses.

Document wallet – I kept all of our travel documents in an A5 clear wallet, so we had easy access to our tickets, passports, maps, bookings and so forth.

Bags – Bella had 2 bags with her to pack her things in when we were going out. I packed 2 backpacks, but ended up purchasing about 2 more! #backpackaddict! I like to change my bag according to how much I am carrying that particular day.

Chargers – I got a universal plug with more than one USB input, so this was really useful for me to charge more than one device at ones. Please do not forget your wires because you will definitely need them to charge your equipment.

Camera – I had my camera, but to be honest I did not reach for it as much as I expected to. Just because I have a new phone and the camera is AMAZING! So, a lot of our holiday pictures were taken on my phone!

Jewellery – I packed a selection of earrings, necklaces and chokers.

Magazines/books – for yourself.

Hair products and hair accessories.

Hand wipes and hand sanitiser – I walk with both.

I hope that this list helps you in some way. Have I missed anything, let me know below!

With Love,


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