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Creating A Legacy

Some of my siblings and I were having a conversation the other day about what we were called to do. As we sat around the table and as the conversation flowed from one person to the other, we all essentially shared one unique trait; creativity. Most of us can draw and paint, whilst the others can either write amongst other things. We concluded we most definitely inherited this trait from our dad. As we encouraged one another to continue pursuing our dreams and using our talents for good we may not have realised it, but we were creating a small flame which will turn into a big, bold fire. That is what I like to call; speaking life.

One of my personal quotes is, “God did not create you to be mediocre,” I believe that every single individual walking this earth has a God given talent, you may even have more than one – I know that I do. The point is you were not created to live and just die. You were created to live your life, but also to use your talent, share it with others and build a legacy. What we do now matters, it matters for our children’s future, it matters for our future and it matters for the next generations to come.

Technology has advanced, so many things have advanced so we really have no excuse as to why we cannot start now. The plan was never for God to bless us with our talent and for us to just keep it and sit on it. Do you know that your talent can actually bless someone? Do you know that your unique talent can give someone hope and maybe even bring them closer to God?

I spoke briefly about challenges and obstacles in my post yesterday, I mentioned that they are inevitable like everything in life. There is always going to be something, but despite of that we have the power within us to knock down that mountain, step over it and conquer that challenge! No challenge was ever designed to destroy us, but to push us closer to our destiny. Challenges will help you to become stronger and will build up your character, so that you can reach your end goal.

Nothing in life will ever be easy, but whatever we face will one day make sense and when we are pursuing our dreams, living our best lives all of the struggles will in fact make sense. I encourage you today to pursue your dreams, to use your talents, stop sitting on them and reveal them to the world. If you can sing, pursue singing, start a YouTube channel, if you have the gift of writing, start a blog and get writing, if your talent is painting, paint beautiful pictures and visit exhibitions and galleries, research how you can start to showcase your work to others. Do not be afraid to use what God has given you, He gave it to you because He wanted to make you that extra bit special!

Similarly, if you see that your children are good at certain things, build on it, you may never know what your children are going to be when they are younger, but by you extending on their current skills and speaking life into them they are destined for greatness. As a mother you have the power to build your household up and to tear it down, be careful how you speak over your children. If you want them to be great, speak it into them, if you want them to be happy, declare it over them daily. You can create 5 unique affirmations to repeat with them daily and the more they practice, the more it will become instilled into them.

With Love,

Roxanne-Sasha x

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