A Little Encouragement From Me To You

We have most likely all had moments when we stopped believing in ourselves or when we have thought we were not good enough, it happens to the best of us, even the most seemingly confident individuals. Sometimes we can actually be our own worst enemies because of what we think about ourselves.

It is important to remember that we are all individuals, we are not the same as others and we do not need to be the same. We are all qualified for different things and we have different purposes in life. Where you are going may not be where your friends are going, you have to follow your own path and do what works for you. There will be hurdles along the way, there will be times where you may feel like you cannot continue, but you can. You have the power within you and the strength to keep pushing, keep believing and keep evolving.

Start ignoring your negative inner thoughts, starve them because as long as you feed them they will continue to grow. They have NO right to enter your mind and try to discourage you from believing that you are a fantastic human being. If you continue feeding your negative inner thoughts, then you will most likely never realise how much you are capable of doing. Doubt and fear play a big part in holding people back, fear can be so crippling sometimes and will prevent you from doing the very thing you are worried about doing.

I would encourage you to step out and face your fear, literally stand in front of it and face it head on. I guarantee you that you will be the one who wins! Facing your fear means leaving your comfort zone and stepping out into the unknown, it may seem scary at first, you may even be a little hesitant, but once you have done it you will be so proud that you have pushed yourself to face your fears.

There have been times when I have had to face some of my fears and I have felt so much better after doing so. The confidence that comes with it is amazing! I felt like a brand new woman. It really does boost your confidence and gives you the feeling that you can take on the world! All it takes is a little courage and you believing in yourself because you were created to do amazing things, please do not let fear hold you back.

Don’t be scared of failing either, if you do not succeed the first time, try and try again because you will achieve what you need to do one way or the other. I heard a story about someone who failed their driving test multiple times, but they persevered and then one day they passed with flying colours. Can you imagine how they felt every time they failed? They must have felt really low, but they believed that they could do it and that is what they did.

I want to encourage you all today to keep looking at the bigger picture and remember that your children are the reason why you should never give up. Everything you are doing and everything you are trying to do is because of your love for your children. I urge you to continue believing in yourself and being your biggest cheerleader. Do not give up when things become difficult, persevere. Stay focused on the goal and remember Mama, you go this!

With Love,


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