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What Does Self-Love Mean To You?

In a nutshell self-love in my opinion means being kind to yourself, loving yourself and being aware of who you are. When we are in certain situations we sometimes have the tendency to mistreat ourselves without even realising; we neglect our temples, we speak unkind things to our spirits and we even start to doubt who we are.

Nobody and nothing should ever make you doubt the amazing person that you are. It takes courage and great strength to rise up time and time again after being pushed down for so long. You have all that it takes to keep rising, growing and learning from all of your past errors and mistakes. Nobody is immune from making mistakes, we all make mistakes and it is simply just a part of life.

You are not your past and therefore your past will never define you as an individual. It may have helped to shape who you are today, but don’t allow your past to turn you into a bitter person. You are full of love, so share that love with yourself and with the right people. People who actually deserve to have you in their lives.

It is a natural instinct to love and to desire love in return, but what is the point in putting someone first who always puts you last? Three of the best relationships we can ever have are;

1. With our creator

2. With ourselves

3. With our children and family

Relationships take a lot of work and when both parties are willing to put in the work, the relationship will flourish, but if only one party puts in the work all of the time the relationship will diminish over a period of time. We have to learn to be more receptive of what and who deserves our time, love and our efforts, we have to stop giving so much of ourselves away to those who are undeserving.

Continue to love yourself and the many blessings (both small and big) that God has placed in your life. Concentrate on what is important. Be grateful for those things/people God has removed from your life – not everyone is meant to be going in the direction that God has ordained you to go. Many people we may encounter are to teach us lessons, some lessons may include us putting ourselves first and making ourselves a priority rather than always putting others before ourselves. Nobody can pour from an empty cup because there will come a time when the cup needs to be filled right back up.

Give yourself the opportunity to work on yourself, work on being a better woman and a better Mama to your child(ren). You need you and your child(ren­) will need you because you are essentially all that they may have in the name of a parent. Without you how will they learn? How will they continue to grow? Who will shower them with love? Who will teach them morals and principles? Who will cheer them on when they need encouragement?

You see, you have more than enough to focus on. You and your child(ren) should always be a priority. Your mental and physical wellbeing is so important because your child(ren) depend on you for literally everything. With that said a part of self-love and self-care is taking time out to recuperate and spend some time with yourself, doing things that make you happy. Having children does not mean that you are not entitled to breaks, you are entitled to time off to enjoy yourself because you spend 99.9% of your time raising your child(ren), loving on them and teaching them daily.

Look for opportunities when your children are at school or when you have some time off work (or in general just free time to yourself) to plan something you have always wanted the chance to do, but could not do. If you are unable to do this maybe, ask a trusted friend or relative to babysit for you. You will find that spending time away from your child(ren) and normal day to day routine will have you coming back refreshed and ready to get on with the rest of your tasks. There is nothing wrong with it honestly, it is completely normal and healthy not just for you, but for your child(ren) too.

How do you intend to practice more self-love on a daily basis? What does self-love mean to you?

Comment below and let's talk!

With Love,


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