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7 Reasons Why You Need The 10 Year Plan & Monthly Goals Planner In Your Life!

One of my all time favourite products is The 10 Year Plan And The Monthly Goals Planner. I am a very big planner and I love to stay organised, so this was the reason behind why I created it. I believe that it is a lifesaver and has proved to be nothing, but the best! Here, I will give you a breakdown of why you need this planner in your life!

Video Credit: @janemeadowstv (Instagram)

1. It features 2 planners in one, the first part is the monthly goals planner which enables you to set your goals adding any encouraging quotes or affirmations to keep you going for that particular month.

2. You can record any self-care goals you have planned or any acts of self-love you have engaged in each month.

3. The planners for Mothers differ slightly than the one for Women because on the goal setting page, Mothers have a section that also allows them to record Family Goals. The planner for Women only includes a goal setting section for them only and not their family.

4. Every month you are encouraged to reflect on the good things that has happened. You will also be given the opportunity to record what challenged you. This forms a part of your journey of growth because what once challenged you will eventually become the things you overcome!

5. The second planner is the 10 year plan, which is separated into 3 sections; the 2 year plan, the 5 year plan and the 10 year plan.

6. The 10 Year Plan And Monthly Goals Planner will encourage you to create new habits and it will help to keep you motivated. You will be driven each month to achieve your goals and you will not feel bad if you cannot get everything done, as goals can be carried over to the next month. You work at your own pace to achieve your goals, nobody else's.

7. As explained in my previous post about the power of affirmations, the affirmations you write at the beginning of the month should help you to stay motivated throughout that month. Repeat them daily to yourself and remind yourself who you are.

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