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The Independent Mother Hub: Create A Routine

Our topic moving forward is going to be The Independent Mother. You can find out more here and in my stories! To join the group or sign up head to:

You may be wondering what an Independent Mother is..well to summarise an Independent Mother is a Mother who is raising her child(ren) Independently with little to no help from the child's father.

Though it is important to note that Independent Mothers do have an extra pair of hands helping them from time to time and that is from God! We are not in this alone. He is always watching over us and helping us as we go through Motherhood.

The first tip I have for you is:

Having a routine helps me so much because I like to stay organised and on top of things. Isabella-Grace also has a routine personalised for her.

We discussed what will happen during the day and she is always free to let me know what she thinks should be incorporated into her routine.

It is important for her to feel included when I am planning for her. She has a voice and an opinion; I love to hear her thoughts!

I find that starting my day with prayer helps my day to just flow nicely. Ending my day with prayer also helps me to have a peaceful night.

Some ways for you to start planning what you need to do include; creating lists, brainstorming, etc. I will be discussing in more detail how you can create a routine and what works for me. Of course we are all different, so what works for me may not work for you and vice versa, but I do hope you will gain something from it.

Do you have a routine for yourself and your child(ren)? How does your routine work in your family? Comment below and let's talk!

With Love,

Roxanne-Sasha x


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