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MAMA Resources

I have created some amazing resources to help you along your journey as a Mother. They have been tried and tested and I can assure you that they will encourage you along your journey of being the best faith filled purpose driven Mother to your child(ren).

My Planner
My Planner 

Have you always wanted to plan, but were unsure with where to start?!

That’s where this download comes in! It features:

  • A weekly planner x2 

  • A daily planner x2

You will plan according to your preference. If you prefer to plan your day daily then the daily planner was created just for you! If your preference is to plan weekly, then the weekly planner will be the right one for you. You are free to utilise both however you please.

Declarations For Mamas & Child(ren)

Declarations to speak over your life and your child(ren's) lives!

This guide and workbook features:

  • A guide with scriptures about the power of our words

  • A workbook for you to complete

  • A 30 day speak life challenge

Speaking life is so important to help you and your child(ren) to live a life free from fear. You and your child(ren) will understand that there is power in the tongue therefore we must choose to speak life. Speaking life in seemingly dead situations can cause a shift in the atmosphere. Speaking life can and will bring a positive change!

Dreams, Goals & Aspirations: Free Vision Board Guide

Create your very own vision board with my free vision board guide. 

This guide and workbook features:

  • A sample of what is included in the full vision board guide and kit which you can purchase here

  • A free vision board page

  • A snippet of some of the questions included in the full vision board guide and kit

Habakkuk 2:2 states that we should “Write the vision and make it plain..” It is important to note that vision boards serve as a visual reminder and representation of our goals, our dreams and our aspirations. However, God is always in control of our lives and will lead us to where and what He has in mind for us according to His will. This does not mean that we cannot come to God and ask Him for certain things, but if it is not His will for you, it does not mean that you will have it. God will give you something better, something you deserve! So prayerfully create your vision board, allow God to lead you and be of good courage always!

My Bible Reading Plan
My Bible Reading Plan

Get ready to meditate on God’s word and get closer to Him over 31 days.

This bible reading plan features:

  • A 31 day reading plan focusing on scriptures in the living word

  • A workbook with questions for your personal reflections

Spending time with God is very important for your growth and to develop a closer relationship with Him. Remember Queens we are in the world, but we are NOT of the world. Therefore our minds should be renewed daily in order to help us to channel out the noise and focus on His voice and His word. Use this bible reading plan to get you started as you seek to spend more time in His presence.

Journal Prompts
Journal Prompts

Journaling is a great way to get your thoughts down on paper and out of that pretty little head of yours!

This journaling workbook features:

  • A mini guide about journaling

  • 30 pages of journal prompts

  • 2 bonus journal prompts

There are so many positive benefits of journaling. As mentioned it is a great tool to use to clear your mind and to help you to unwind especially first thing in the morning or after a long, busy day. This journaling workbook will encourage you to refer to scripture and to use the word of God in your answers; from putting yourself in Queen Esther’s shoes to sharing your favourite scriptures. I really hope that it inspires you.

Get To Know The Women In The Bible Study Guide
Get To Know The Women In The Bible Study Guide

A study guide for you to get to know the women in the bible.

This guide and workbook features:

  • A short workbook for you to get to know the women in the bible

This is a very short guide and workbook for you to print as many pages as necessary to aid with your study of the women in the bible. Focus on their stories:

Who were they?

What was their story?

How were they used for God’s glory?


These are some of the many questions that you will be asked to help you to form a character study on each woman. 

The God Who Sees Me
The God Who Sees Me Bible Study Guide

A study guide looking into the life of Hagar. In this study guide you will learn more about who she was and the lessons we can learn from her.


Hagar was indeed a strong woman who endured a lot. She probably felt unloved, abandoned  and unseen, but God saw her.

This download features:

  • A workbook and study guide for you to learn more about the story of Hagar.

The study guide can be used alongside the YouTube Videos on my channel. Join me as we discuss Hagar's story week by week. Share your thoughts and comments also so we can learn more together!

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