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“Why me God?!”

It is important to remember that many women are single mothers, sometimes due to no fault of their own. At times relationships breakdown, they may be widowed, they could have been in an abusive relationship or their spouse/partner could have left them. We do not always know the circumstances regarding someone’s lifestyle, so I have simply found it is much easier to not judge them. Sadly a lot of the time, especially in my situation women tend to think that they know the person, when really they do not. At times some people spin a web of lies and because they have never given you a reason to doubt them, you never do.

Overall; every child is a blessing and God allowed that child to be born for a special reason. The child you could be carrying could one day grow up and become a doctor saving lives, that child whom you hold in your arms could one day become a deaconess or even a prayer warrior breaking down walls and pulling down strongholds. The thing is you do not always know your child’s purpose or the reason why God allows certain issues to occur. You may not know, but He does.

We are all important to God and He created us by Himself and in His own image. We have something special in our DNA which sets us apart from one another. Regardless of the reason why you are a single mother, always remember that there is a purpose for your journey. Before, when I found myself alone as a single mother I was thinking, “oh gosh..what happens now!” Almost automatically, I heard God telling me, “Love that little girl and grow her up to be strong in me (Christ).” That is what I have been doing, even before I held her in my arms she was loved and I strongly believe that she knew that she was loved.

At times in our frustrations we feel down, we feel low and unwanted or unvalued, but what we feel can be picked up on by our children, so it is important that we always try to conduct ourselves in an appropriate manner. With that being said, it does not necessarily mean that you lie, no. It just means that you put on your brave face, wipe your tears, hold your head up high, stand tall and smile. Children do not need to feel the negative repercussions of a failed relationship; they do not need to feel as if it is their fault or that they are unwanted.

It is not always easy, but it is worth it. You may not see this now, but one day with all of the love and attention that you have shown your child they will grow up and repay you with the same. So, I urge you single mothers’re not alone, you have a little person who thinks that YOU are their world. Other than your child you have a father in heaven who loves you so much that He will stop at absolutely nothing to show you what you mean to him.

Be encouraged.

With love,

Roxanne-Sasha x

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