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So, you're what?!


I hope that this list I have put together will help you as you are thinking about what to buy for your baby’s anticipated arrival. Please note that a lot of the products are my personal recommendations, but I will encourage you to read reviews and try things for yourself to see how you feel about a particular item. This post goes out to all of the mums to be and in particular one of my good friends!

Baby Essentials:

Baby Clothes: Sleepsuits Baby vests Bodysuits Hats Socks Scratch mittens Day/Going out outfits Cardigans Pramsuit Jacket/Coat Bibs

These can all be purchased from various retailers, to name a few where I purchase my daughters clothing from are;

Next Mothercare,default,sc.html Debenhams M&CO H&M John Lewis Baby Gap

Going Out: Pram/Pushchair (needs to be suitable from birth) Baby car seat Changing bag Footmuff (if the pushchair does not have one already) Baby sling*

In regards to pushchairs, I definitely recommend going into the stores physically to try out the pushchairs. Push them around the store and play with the brakes and see how easily the pushchairs manoeuvre around the store. I also advise you to see how the pushchair manoeuvres with added weight, so put some shopping at the bottom or a heavy bag [if you can] and see how the pushchair feels after that. Many sales assistants will happily demonstrate how to use the pushchair, how to fold it down and how to apply the brakes, if you are stuck, just ask them!

Another point to consider when choosing a pushchair is what accessories it comes with, do you have to splash out on other accessories such as a carry cot, rain cover, foot muff and parasol or are these all included? How long can you use the pushchair for, is it suitable from birth? Does the pushchair fold with ease? Can the pushchair fit into your car boot with ease or does it need to be broken down into two parts? These are just a few questions, you may want to think about your questions carefully and write them down if necessary.

Some good retailers for pushchairs and some of the above essentials are: Mothercare,default,sc.html Babies R Us Boots Pramworld Silvercross iCandy Bugaboo Pramcentre

Please check out my two blog posts for further information and advice on what I looked for when I purchased my daughters pushchair:

Bedtime: Moses basket* Crib* Cot* Cot bed* Cot mobile Mattress sheets Blankets Flat sheets Room thermometer Nightlight Baby monitor Wardrobe/Chest of drawers

A lot of these items can be purchased from many of the sites I have listed above. I regards to where your baby will sleep this is entirely up to you of course and what will play a big factor in your decision is space. Space is very important because if you have a small living space and your baby will be sleeping in the same room as you, then perhaps a crib or Moses basket may be more suitable for you. However, you can purchase smaller cots as I saw a few when I was shopping for my daughter’s cot bed.

If space is not an option then I definitely recommend purchasing a cot bed. The reason why I purchased a cot bed for my daughter is because it is big and very spacious; as she grows her cot bed will grow with her. It can be changed into a bed eventually and the cot bed drops down to accommodate her growing needs.

If you plan to breastfeed: Sleep bras Nursing bras Nipple cream Breast pump Breastfeeding support pillow Nursing tops Muslins Breast milk storage bags Breast pads

Mothercare is a really good store to go to for a lot of these essentials, Boots is also another one. The breast pump I used was actually by Tommee Tippee and it was a manual breast pump. I was slightly reluctant to get the electronic breast pump, however if one day I do this all over again I will definitely opt for an electronic breast pump.

I went to Mothercare to get measured and the sales assistant was very professional and made me feel really comfortable. She advised me on sizes and what to buy and within about ten minutes it was all over. I left the store with everything that I needed that day!

If you plan to bottle feed: Research different formulas (remember every baby is different, what works for one baby may not work for yours) Bottles Bottle brush Milk powder dispenser Bibs Bottle steriliser Bottle warmer

Please, do your research not only on formulas if you plan to bottle feed, but also on bottles. I wasted so much money purchasing Tommee Tippee bottles and my daughter did not take to them at all. I changed from Tommee Tippee bottles to Dr Brown bottles and now my daughter uses MAM bottles. I definitely recommend reading reviews and asking other mums about their experience with different brands. There are so many different bottles out there and many are formed to help with colic and wind.

These retailers sell most of the brands I mentioned; Boots

Babies R Us


Bath time: Baby bath towels Baby bath robe Baby bath Bath thermometer Baby nail scissors Baby brush and comb Baby sponge Bath toiletries

*These can be purchased from supermarkets, pharmacies and stores such as Mothercare.

Changing time: Nappies Nappy bags Wipes Changing mat Nappy cream

You can purchase these items from any of your local supermarkets or even a pharmacy. The supermarkets usually do great offers and discounts and Amazon also has a subscription service;

Home Safety: Carbon monoxide detector Smoke detector Socket covers Safety gates First Aid kit

Argos is a good store for some of these essentials, but please check out these two links to further help you with keeping baby and everyone safe.

Mum to be: Maternity bras (go and get measured professionally if you can) Maternity underwear Maternity clothing Nightwear Pregnancy pillow Pregnancy/baby journal Mum to be toiletries Stretchmark cream

Hospital Bag: Hospital bag for you and your baby Dressing gown Slippers Nightwear Underwear (including cotton underwear and disposable underwear) Maternity towels Nursing bras Breast pads iPod/mp3 player Toiletries Toothbrush and toothpaste Hairbrush and comb Bath towel and wash cloth Mobile phone and charger Going home attire Money Birth Plan and Pregnancy notes

Baby’s hospital items: Baby wipes (although I was told not to use wipes on my daughter until she was a week or so old) Cotton pads/cotton wool Nappies Bodysuits Sleepsuits Baby blanket Pramsuit/Coat*

*Dependent on your choice

With Love,


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