In A Minute By Tony Bradman & Eileen Browne

We actually have two copies of this book, "Through My Window" and "Wait and See," but I will do different reviews for each of them. This version above is the pocket size version and it is nice because Bella can hold it in her hands with ease. Sometimes when we are going out she may choose to take these pocket sized books with us because she likes to have something to look at as we are on the go.

This book teaches children a little bit about having patience and exercising too! Jo is really keen to get to the park, so that she can play in the playground, but along the way there are a lot of obstacles and Jo is often told by the grown ups, "in a minute!" Isabella-Grace appeared to enjoy this book and so did I. I liked that this book featured a wide variety of characters from diverse backgrounds including Jo, her family and Sita, Jo's friend. It helps children to be able to understand that we are all different, we look different and we are from different places.

The illustrations in this book are bright, colourful and pretty. They are not too in your face, but they add a nice touch to the story, so even if Bella does not understand everything I read to her she is able to look at the pictures and form her own understanding. Like with every book we read, I ask her different questions to get her thinking. I also like to hear her responses and make story time as engaging as possible.

One thing that stuck out was on one of the pages there was an illustration of a mother breastfeeding and I thought this is fantastic! It shows children how younger babies are fed and if they have younger siblings they will instantly identify with this. In a society where women are sadly still trying to normalise breastfeeding it is nice to see that in even the most subtle of ways, people are in support of breastfeeding mothers. As the mother is breastfeeding, her other child appears to be in need of the toilet, this is shown by the child looking as if they are holding themself and lifting their leg up in a way that most parents would definitely understand! It displays a picture of what a lot of us mamas face on a day to day basis with our busy lives with our children.

On another one of the pages there is an illustration of some nurses, doctors and medical professionals appearing to be on a strike because one prominant board says, "SAVE NHS." This book was first published in 1990, but yet it depicts a tale of what the NHS often have to face whilst doing strikes to receive a better pay or more support. These ongoing issues really should be taken into consideration especially because the NHS does so much to save people's lives on a daily basis. They have a very hard job, but yet they do what they have to do whilst caring for other people in need. They are truly selfless and it is sad that they are not always appreciated for the good deeds that they do.

Further along into the book illustrations of a mother changing her baby on the grass and a child in a wheelchair is also shown. Again the picture of the mother shows everyday life as a mother on the go! The illustration of the child in the wheelchair may introduce younger children to people with disabilities. Though older children may already know about certain disabilities, it will probably be new to younger children.

In conclusion, we really enjoyed this book and it is one I am happy to read to Bella time and time again because it shows so many important messages and it has a good storyline. Patience is something that is essential in life and I believe that children are never too young to start learning about patience.

With Love,

Roxanne-Sasha x

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