The Usborne FIRST THOUSAND WORDS In English By Heather Amery

First of all I love this book! It is not actually a story, but more of a picture word book offering children a treasury of learning opportunities. Children will build their vocabulary by using this book on a daily basis as there is just so much fantastic content inside. I had this book as a child and it was one of my favourite books! Stephen Cartwright's illustrations bring the book to life and help to brighten up each page. I also find that finding the little yellow duck on most of the pages makes the book even more interesting for younger readers.

Bella and I try to look at this book daily so that she can continue to extend on her ever growing vocabulary bank. It is a very powerful and resourceful tool for especially at this age where she is already learning so much. I am all about learning, especially when it comes to Isabella-Grace, so I incorporate different learning games whilst looking at this book. For example, "Isabella-Grace can you find the red car?" "How many cups are on the kitchen table Isabella-Grace?" We also look at opposite words, people in different careers and we discuss what each person does, i.e "the police woman is supposed to make us feel safe!" We also look at colours, shapes and numbers. This book literally has a bit of everything in it.

I will be purchasing this book for Bella in different languages because as some of you may know I studied Spanish and French whilst in school and then college. I am keen for her to also be fluent in another language, so I often speak to her in a bit of French or Spanish. I only want her to focus on one language for now and if she decides once she is older she would like to learn another one, then I would support her decision. I am still a bit undecided in which language she should study at this moment, but as time goes by I will decide. She is surrounded by more French than Spanish to be fair, I am the only one who utters Spanish to her, my mother and aunt does occasionally also!

With Love,

Roxanne-Sasha x

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