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Maya Angelou By Lisbeth Kaiser

Where can I start with this fantastic book?! As it is Black History Month I wanted Bella to look at people who have paved the way for us or who have done significant things for black people. I love Maya Angelou and everything she stood for, I believe that she was an amazing woman and we can all learn a thing or two from her. Though Bella is little, I simplified a lot of the story for her so that she would be able to comprehend what was going on each page.

This story gave a brief account of Maya Angelou's life and it was really inspiring to learn that even after what she endured, she came back stronger than ever! At this stage Bella does not really understand much of the events which took place in Maya's life, but one day when she is old enough we will revisit this book, so that she can learn more. I think that these "Little People, Big Dreams" books are an outstanding idea and are very much needed in children's lives. It helps the children to learn about other people who had big dreams and actually went on to pursue great things.

I will purchase more books from this series for her as I believe that when she is older they will come in very handy. The Resilient Mum is all about inspiring independent mothers worlwide, so this books resonate very well with me as they are all about inspiring young minds. They will teach children to never give up on things they want in life and with their mothers support they will always be confident in their abilities and skills.

With Love,

Roxanne-Sasha x

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