Welcome Precious By Nikki Grimes

This is the perfect book for toddlers and children who are going to become a big brother or sister. Although the couple in the story do not appear to have other children, I found that certain parts of the story will help new siblings to familiarise themselves with certain parts of the baby's routine as they will have experienced it themselves, i.e bath time and kisses from grandmothers or family members in general. Isabella-Grace is fascinated by babies and she spent a lot of the time pointing at the images of the baby saying, "aw baby so sweet mummy. He looking at the moon!"

Isabella-Grace was able to identify the rainbow, the moon and various other elements of the weather and seasons. It is a good conversation starter to establish how much your child knows about the weather in general. Questions such as "what do we wear when it is raining to keep our feet dry?" "When do we use our umbrellas?" As your child grows older and their understanding develops other questions such as, "does the moon come out during the day?" "When do we see a rainbow?" Children are very inquisitive little people and they may well look to you for the answers if they do not already know them.

I did like that the author was very in tune with the concept of nature, her adding the seasons and different elements of the weather helped to make the story more interesting especially for younger children. Ice-creams are often typically associated with Summer and so is the sun whereas the moon and stars are associated with night time. I also liked that the book had an overall message of love throughout, the baby was shown love by different family members; mother, father and grandmother primarily, but it still shows that it takes a village to raise a child.

With Love,

Roxanne-Sasha x

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