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Discover The Determination In You

As most of you may know I am an avid book reader and so is my small madam Isabella-Grace. I was so excited when MyBook Heroes reached out to us and very kindly gifted us one of their books. I opted for, “Discover The Determination In You.”

Before delving into my opinion and the review of this book, I am going to give you some more information about MyBook Heroes.

MyBook Heroes aim to boost self-esteem of children around the world. In their stories they ensure that your child is the main character. “We want to help children upgrade what they learn at a young age, and truly create happy, wonderful, kind, generous people who are able to live beautiful fulfilled lives.”

In each of their stories they seek to teach children important life skills which will hopefully stay with them for life, so long as we as parents continue to reinforce these lessons on a daily basis. Currently MyBook Heroes offers 3 different stories for children;

1. Discover The Leader In You

2. Discover The Courage In You

3. Discover The Determination In You

Their mission is, “empowering children as early as possible to be the best version of themselves.” I totally love this about the company because I am always looking for ways to empower Isabella-Grace and what better way to this than in a book?!

The Benefits of MyBook Heroes' Books.

There are seven key benefits of MyBook Heroes books:

1. Books that Build self-esteem

When children see themselves in the books they will automatically feel important and special. As the storyline develops they will realise that they have completed a successful mission and therefore it will encourage them to trust their own abilities.

2. Books that ignite Love for Books!

Now, who doesn’t love a good book?! As per point one seeing themselves in a story alongside their name not only boosts their confidence, but will make them want to continue looking at the book. Once engaged you can encourage your children to look at other books pertaining to subjects they are interested in, i.e castles, space, etc. The possibilities are indeed endless.

3. Books that boost Vocabulary and Focus

MyBook Heroes books use a vast selection of vocabulary and words that children will be able to add to their vocabulary. It gives you something else to discuss with your children, if for example they are not sure what a word means, you can talk about it together and help them to learn the correct meaning of the word. You can even use the words in various sentences to give them the idea of the context of which the words can be used in.

4. Introduction to important Life Skills

MyBook Heroes books all feature different valuable life skills ranging from learning more about courage, overcoming fears, achieving great things, working together and overcoming obstacles. They teach children that although we may face hardship or difficult circumstances there is always a way out from these situations. Children will learn never to give up and to keep on persevering until they reach their goal.

5. Understanding Ownership

Children will learn and begin to take ownership. It will encourage them to look within themselves for the answers and use their own initiative in order to bring about change. They will learn about accepting responsibility and walking within their truth.

6. Excitement

Reading stories with your little ones will almost always be one of the highlights of your children’s day. That little moment you spend bonding as such a big impact on their lives because that is your special 1-1 bonding time together. Allowing them to choose the books they would like to read with you will keep them engaged and excited as each page turns.

7. Keepsake

MyBook Heroes books feature a special dedication printed in the back and make the perfect keepsake for them. As they grow they will always be able to look back on their books and remember all of the fun adventures they embarked on. I believe that these books are great lessons not just for children, but us adults can learn a thing or two from them too!

Book Specifications

Format: Paper Book

Language: English and Greek depending on your choice.

Pages: 36 magical pages!

Ages: Suggested for ages 3 to 8 years old.

Product Dimensions: 21 cm by 29.7 cm or 8.27 x 11.69 inches (A4)

Do you want to find out my thoughts on MyBook Heroes? Then keep reading!

My Thoughts

Firstly, Isabella-Grace LOVED this book, she was fond of her character most of all and she enjoyed listening to me read it to her. I believe that although the book was quite lengthy in comparison to the other books she has, it proved to be a great bedtime read as soon after reading, she curled up with her DeeDee (her bunny) and went straight to sleep – thanks MyBook Heroes! (Mama was able to get some work done!)

I love the whole concept of the book and in particular the fact that MyBook Heroes seeks to empower children through their books. I empower Independent Mothers on a daily basis, so having this to help to empower my child really appealed to me. I was impressed not only by the content, but the illustrations and the whole storyline. Isabella-Grace was thrilled to discover that this book was about her as I mentioned earlier. She loved meeting her team members and is quite fond of her character in the story, I mean who wouldn’t be?! “My favourite character is me!” she said with delight.


My daughter already has a big imagination and she enjoys acting out various scenarios and stories, this story has helped to not only boost her self-esteem, but it has helped to expand her imagination as now rather than being a princess or a superwoman, she says, “I’m going to go to the moon and I am going to wear a costume like a ballerina!” The story was interesting and it was easy to follow allowing Bella to stay focused and know what was going on.


At times I did find that I had to explain certain parts to Bella, but I did so in a way she could understand by simplifying certain sentences or phrases. This was not a big problem as I do this usually when we read the bible or some of her other books on a daily basis. The fact that I had to do this was a good thing because I was helping to broaden her knowledge and I gave her different ways to think about things, for example, “The other piece of the transistor had fallen inside a Gorpa nest!” She had no idea what a transistor was, but so as not to confuse her, I explained to her that it was “a special electrical device. that your character and your team needed in order to complete their mission.” We then spoke about different electrical devices, i.e her tablet, my iPad, our TV, my laptop and so forth, so this in a way was a little science lesson for her, without me having to go too deep into anything science related - thank God! (science was not my favourite subject at school!)

Unique Personalisation

What is most fascinating about MYBook Heroes is that the books arrive fully personalised with your child. Your child will have the opportunity to work alongside The Impossible Possible team (in the story of course!), this is an amazing way of demonstrating why teamwork makes the dream work. It incorporates the idea that yes, we can get things done alone, but if you would like to go further in life then working together will certainly get the job done effectively.

I LOVE the fact that the book is personalised, this is definitely a book that Bella will be keeping for life! I feel that personalising books helps to make children not only feel valued, but it helps them to feel so important, as if they are a little celebrity in their own right! We were able to select our own aviator which I felt was really important as a lot of personalisation limits the word length and seeing as Bella’s name is quite long this puts me off ordering things for her as I do not like her to be referred to as “Isabella.” I really was happy to learn that this was not an issue with MyBook Heroes.


The illustrations are plenty throughout the book, every page is bursting with colour and excitement. Bella loves visuals as do most children and when she is looking through the book of her own accord, she is able to piece together the story bit by bit using the images alone. Of course, she would not be Isabella-Grace if she did not add her own spin to the story, but the point is that the creativity used in the book is demonstrated not only with the storyline, but the illustrations.


I also admired the fact that the characters were diverse; featuring male characters and female characters with various skin tones, complexions and hair types. This is another important factor for me because Isabella-Grace and I have very curly hair and it is important that she can relate to characters who have similar hair texture to her. This is another big win for me from MyBook Heroes because it shows that they are not just willing to cater to some people, but they are willing to cater to everyone. I am sure that they are always open to ideas and feedback, so if you feel that your child cannot relate to the characters, please drop them a line and let them know, so that they can look for ways to best serve you:

Final Thoughts

Although children are young it is so important to boost their knowledge, their vocabulary, their confidence and self-esteem, MYBook Heroes seeks to do all of this. I am a big advocate of all things educational and this is definitely a book company that I would recommend, because they genuinely do care about their readers. They would like all of their young readers to feel like superheroes and know that no matter what life throws at them, they are able to achieve greatness!

If you would like to purchase a MyBook Heroes book for your little one(s) then I would definitely recommend it, you will not be disappointed. Feel free to use my promo code for 10% discount off: RESILIENTMUM10.

With Love,

Roxanne-Sasha x

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