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Find Your Mum Tribe!

Motherhood is a beautiful journey, but it can be daunting and lonely at times. In the beginning when I had my daughter I was surrounded by my family and loved ones, it was lovely because it showed how much support I had. However, at times I did find it overwhelming because mentally my birth had traumatised me and although I never openly discussed it with anyone at the time, it showed a lot.

I never really went to much play groups with my daughter until some time later in her life. I was not mentally ready to get out there and meet new people, do I regret it? In all honesty, if I knew then what I know now then I would have pushed myself to take her out to more playgroups. A lot of my close friends did not have children at the time and a year or so later (when Bella was about 1) some eventually had children, but they moved away. I did meet a few new mums here and there and it was nice, we went on a few playdates together, but after a while we continued to live our lives.

I got speaking to a few mothers a few weeks ago and it was amazing to hear that I was not alone. There are so many mothers out there who feel alone from time to time and would love to have a connection with someone, ideally another mother. Finding someone who you can find common ground with, share stories and experiences with and someone who will just listen when you need a shoulder to lean on about all things Motherhood will make a world of difference.

From childhood there is school, adolescent years there is secondary school and college, young adulthood there is university or work, we have always had to readapt, meet new people and make friends. Motherhood is no different. It is another new stage in our life where like the rest of the stages we have had to readjust and learn new things and bond with strangers who often become friends. I have created a little list of ways I feel that you can meet new mothers and form a little tribe of your own without it all being daunting.

Social Media

I find that although social media moves so fast there are some amazing benefits to it. You can come across many mothers online and a simple DM can start something beautiful in terms of a friendship.

In the past it perhaps would have been deemed as embarrassing to befriend people online, but actually in this day and age I believe it to be quite normal! I also never realised prior to becoming The Resilient Mum how many mothers/mummy bloggers/Independent Mothers were online. I have personally discovered so many wonderful mothers online and I am really grateful to have connected with them.

Meet Ups

As per point one another benefit of social media is that a lot of mothers host amazing meet ups or events where you can bring your child(ren) along. These are great ways of meeting new mothers and forming amazing bonds.

Activities and Classes

You can meet other mothers at various activities and classes. Depending on your preference there are an array of different activities that your children can do. Some can include languages, dance, gymnastics, singing, creative sessions and so forth.

Please check out:

@Nahdsadventures – Instagram

She hosts some really good sensory workshops for children. Sensory play is a great way for children to learn and explore. It is especially crucial for their bran development and encourages them to actively use their five senses.


I recently heard of an app called Peanut – I have downloaded it myself, but I am yet to try it out. I will do at some point and maybe I will come back and give my verdict. Another app called Mush – I have not tried this app personally either. There is also a site called


You would be surprised, but having your early morning coffee out of your home rather than in your home may also connect you with another Mama. I’ve been told that she is usually the Mama ordering the largest cup of coffee ever!

Local Gym/Mum Exercise Groups

Some mum exercise groups allow you to bring your babies with you if you have younger children, whilst others just permit you to bring yourself. It gives you a chance to speak to other mums before and after the session.


The perfect place to meet other mums because children love going to the park come rain or shine. It is healthy for them to get some fresh air and have a little run around. It gives you an opportunity to stretch your legs and also burn some energy as they run between the swings and the slide completely indecisive about which apparatus they would like to play with next! Kids will be kids!


A lot of libraries have some really good child friendly activities for children going on. Ask at the front desk and find out what activities they will be having. You are bound to meet other mums here and it will also allow your children to bond with other children too. Win/Win!


You can bond with the other mothers in your church and speak to them to find out what they get up to during the week. Maybe ask them if they would like to have a playdate when they are free, exchange numbers and then get in touch.

Have you ever tried any of these methods? How did they work out for you, let me know in the comments below!

With Love,

Roxanne-Sasha x

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