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24 Ways To Make Some Extra Money

Surviving on only one income as an Independent Mother can be tough, but it need not be a permanent situation for you, because there are many different ways that Independent Mothers can make some extra money. Gone are the days where you would just have to rely on one source of income, thanks to technology amongst other things, you can start to make money from your phone or even your laptop, how cool is that?!

I spend ample amounts of time preaching about using your gifts (you are probably sick of hearing it!), but I really want you to use your gifts in a way that not only blesses others, but also helps you and your family. You may or may not have chosen to be an Independent Mother, but whether you did or not, you should still be able to feel comfortable with your finances. You were never created to just pay bills and that is all – there is more to your story than that!

Do you want to learn some of the many ways that you can make some extra money? Well, keep reading!

1. Selling items on eBay

2. TaskRabbit

3. Doing hair

4. Doing make-up

5. Babysitting

6. Being a translator

7. Exam Invigilator

8. Create an online course

9. Graphic design

10. Making clothes

11. Become a tutor

12. Create a YouTube channel and really good content!

13. Web design

14. Event planning

15. Event decoration

16. Photography

17. Write a book

18. Become an Uber driver

19. Catering

20. Baking cakes

21. Open an Etsy Shop

22. Dog walking

23. Doing nails

24. Making jewellery

Everyone needs a little helping hand sometimes, so if you are good at doing something then work on your craft, share it with others and go and be a blessing!

With Love,

Roxanne-Sasha x


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