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7 Powerful Affirmations For Mothers

Being an Independent Mother was never designed to be a walk in the park. Naturally we will face some hurdles throughout our journey, but nevertheless we should persist and keep our heads up. I posted a picture the other day about how our children will not be little forever, they one day will grow up and then the majority of our work will be done. Though, Motherhood is a lifelong commitment, we will have the wonderful opportunity of watching all of our hard work manifest within our children – how delightful! In the meantime, I wanted to look at some empowering affirmations for days when you need a little boost or a reminder of how powerful you are.

1. I understand that it takes a village to raise a child. I am not ashamed to ask for help if I need it;

You have a whole village rooting for you ready to help you whenever you call on them. Most importantly you have God on your side who is willing to go the extra mile and support you not just through the good times, but when times may be challenging. Feeling as if you are alone can lead to feelings of depression and we do not want that. There are so many people around you who are there to step in; from family, loved ones, teachers, neighbours, doctors, colleagues, childminders, etc.

2. I am an empowered woman and a confident mother;

One of my personal favourites is an affirmation I made up. It serves as a reminder that not only are you an empowered woman, but you are a confident mother too. You are confident in your abilities, you are confident with yourself and you are confident with your ability to love, nourish and mother your child(ren). Absolutely nobody can take these titles away from you because you own them, and you wear them very well.

3. Every mother is different - the perfect mother does not exist. I am choosing to do what works best for my family and I;

One of the issues with Motherhood is we can sometimes get so caught up in what Lucy is doing or what Mable is buying for her child(ren), so much so that we forget to look at all of the good things we are doing with our child(ren). I am here to tell you – DO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPE! Everyone is doing their own thing and praying that they get it right. Motherhood does not come with any manuals, so this is us all trying to navigate through Independent Motherhood. Do what works for you and your child(ren) and do not allow anyone to question what you are doing.

4. I believe in myself because I am a wonderful mother. I am growing and learning daily;

If you do not believe in yourself, then nobody will believe in you. You must be your biggest cheerleader, your biggest fan and your biggest encourager. Believe in all that you have to offer, believe in what you possess inside of you and know that through you greatness will be born. Motherhood is a journey and it may have some ups and downs, but you will get through them all. Try not to be harsh on yourself because we are all growing and learning daily.

5. I am the biggest blessing to my child(ren). I have a big impact on their life;

When you look at your little one(s) I want you to remember that to them you are their everything, to them you are their world. They love you with all of their heart because you are not just their Mother; you are their advocate, their caregiver, their go to for warm cuddles and kisses, their best friend, their doctor, their lawyer, their chauffeur, their hairdresser, their teacher, – I could literally go on, but the list would never end. You are important and you matter to them and everyone else in your life.

6. I will ensure that I take care of myself, so that I can continue to be an excellent mother;

Now this is a very important one. You must take care of yourself first before you can take are of anyone else. Remember the quote about not pouring from an empty cup?! Well, there is a lot of truth in that quote. We cannot continue to pour into others and be everything for others when we require some TLC too. Yes, we are Mothers and yes our child(ren) depend on us, but we are also deserving of some down time to relax and recuperate. Whilst your child(ren) are out school or nursery, make time to invest in you. Look after yourself because they need you.

7. I am so much more than I tell myself - I am one of God’s masterpieces;

Look every single day you should be looking in your mirror and reminding yourself who you are staring at. You are a Queen, you are an empress, you are mighty, you are a powerhouse, you are beautiful, you are smart, you are funny, you are kind. Tell yourself all of the positive things, speak kindly to yourself, compliment yourself and make sure that when you walk away from that mirror, you leave empowered and ready to take on everything. I have said it before and I will say it again, “be your biggest cheerleader!”

What is your favourite affirmation? Let me know in the comments below!

With Love,

Roxanne-Sasha x

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