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My 3 Biggest Challenges

Motherhood with Isabella-Grace has been so interesting! We have learnt so much about one another and so much together. Every day is like a new adventure for us to experience and honestly, I love it! Sometimes I reflect on my life before her and it was definitely not as fun, she has made life ten times better in so many ways! Though with everything there are ups and downs, this is a big part of life and helps to shape us as individuals. No rain, no flowers right?! I thought I would share some of the things that have challenged me in regards to Motherhood.

1. Homelessness.

Being homeless was a very difficult season in our life. We had no stability and my perfectly curated routine had been disturbed, not just for me, but for her. I felt so lost and so confused because everything we once knew became a distant memory. Although, we have an amazing family who helped out as much as they could this was a battle that we had to fight with God. There were times I was fed up and frustrated, but still I continued because my hope has always been in Christ. I would be lying if I said this season did not test my faith because it did, but this season also showed me that when I was at my lowest, God was there to pick me up! I was told by friends and family that our new home is going to be a blessing and in all honesty, it is the truth. Isabella-Grace and I love our new home because not only is it our forever home, but it came directly from God! I want you to be encouraged if you are facing homelessness too that there is a light at the end of that tunnel and you will be blessed too. Keep clinging on to Christ, keep believing in Him and trust that He has got you because He has.

2. “Why don’t you and my dad live together?”

So, this is a question Isabella-Grace has asked since she was much younger (she is 5 now.) Although I have explained it to her whenever she has asked it is still a difficult question to answer because she has her expectations and she believes that mums and dads should be together. In an ideal world this is how God designed the family unit, but when we reflect on stories like Hagar's we know that Independent Mothers existed in the bible too. I have tried my best to manage Isabella-Grace’s expectations over the years and I have always explained to her that ultimately God is in control. We also discuss how we cannot force people to do things they do not want to do, just like how God does not force the world to do His will, He gives us freewill because He is a gentleman! Now that she is 5 she understands a lot better and although she still prays that I get married to a “really, really nice man,” it is all up to God. I don’t want her to think our family is less than because other than our wider family, in our home it is just us two. We are still very much a family with or without her dad and that won’t change.

3. Business

Believe it or not I am living my dream. I am a writer; I am an encourager and I am passionate about what I do. There are times when what I do can become difficult and challenging, but I try to never complain about it because I remember days where I was in a career I began to dislike. Quite often we pray and pray for something and then we end up complaining because when we get it, it comes with different challenges. We need to get into the habit of being grateful for what we have been blessed with and remembering when we were without. Absolutely nothing in this world will ever come easily and if it does that’s great, but it will still present its own lessons for you to learn. With that said, I look at what I am doing and how this season of lockdown has slowed me completely down – in a good way. Before I was rushing about here and there and I did not always have the time to engage in other activities and I neglected some areas in my life in the process. I have learnt that I need to make more time for the things I once neglected because they are also important.

What about you? What has been your biggest challenges in Motherhood? Comment below and let’s talk!

With Love,

Roxanne-Sasha x


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