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Support Black Businesses!

For the past few months I have compiled a list of black small businesses of extremely talented individuals who are striving to their very best! Please take the time to check out the posts and show your support in any way that you can!


Black Authors.

Here are some authors or books featuring black characters. Isabella-Grace's growing library consists of many of these because she loves seeing reflections of herself in books; I do too. Growing up there were rarely any books representing children or people of colour, so often I did without sadly. For my daughter I am glad that there is a variety of books she can identify with. Representation matters and it starts with me in our home. So here is my list of books:


Black UK Child Companies.

This list features UK based companies providing representation for our little ones. I hope that this list will help to bring more awareness of the amazing companies and what they are doing.


Black Owned Hair Companies.

This list features black owned hair brands/companies supplying natural hair products. I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of them and they are all such amazing, diligent women. Did you know that when you support a small business you are supporting a dream?! Please be sure to show them some love!


Black Owned Bakers.

This list features black bakers. I thoroughly enjoy putting these posts together because I have been exposed to so many talented individuals. Each week I was blown away by the amazing brands out there who are using their gifts to create happiness in even the smallest of ways. This list features black women and men who are fantastic at designing and baking delicious cakes - some I know personally and honestly their cakes are everything! 😍😍 As always please try to show them your support! If you know someone who is in need of cake - point them in their direction. Let's do more to support small businesses.


Black Beauty Brands.

This list features black beauty brands. For those who know me personally they know that I am make-up obsessed! I love trying out new brands and new make-up looks. I remember when we were moving and all of our things were put in the vans. There were two enormous suitcases left and I asked the removal team to be very gentle with them. They made a joke and asked what was inside and I laughed and said, "make-up of course!" Needless to say they were in hysterics! I hope that this list is helpful to you in someway.


Black Greeting Cards.

This list features black greeting card companies designed by innovative black women who design and create stunning greeting cards. The next time you are looking for a celebratory card, shop small and purchase from these talented individuals.


Black Gift Companies.

This list features black gift companies where you can purchase your next gift or accessory for a loved one (or yourself) from. When purchasing gifts it is the thought that always counts, but with these companies it is beyond the thought.


Black Bloggers.

This list features inspirational black bloggers who are most certainly doing a very positive job for their community.


Black Independent Mothers.

This list features black Independent Mothers who are sharing their thoughts, feelings and personal content with others who are able to resonate with them. Unfortunately, I could not post everyone, but if I have missed any, please tag them/yourself below because I love to learn about other inspirational women and Mothers!


Black Clothing Companies.

This list features some black owned clothing companies who are leaving their very impressionable mark on the world! Be sure to check out their variety of clothing.

Black Podcasts.

This list features some black podcasts - this is in two parts because Instagram was being problematic and would not allow me to upload them all. Anyway, each podcast is unique and discusses a variety of topics ranging from career, relationships, life as a black woman/man, travel, black mental health, education and so forth. As always please try to show them your support and have a listen to what they have to say.


Black Singers And Musicians.

This list features black singers and musicians. I totally love singing (even though I cannot sing😅) but music is such a beautiful thing. In this post we have some Queens and two Kings spreading love and light with their gifts. As always please try to show them your support!

Their products are absolutely amazing and beautiful! I have personally purchased from most of the brands featured for either myself, my daughter or loved ones and the customer service has always been second to none. These brands deserve to be celebrated and not overlooked or overshadowed by the "bigger" companies. I say this with confidence; bigger does not always mean better!

The many talented individuals within the black community is astounding! When searching for black podcasters, musicians and singers I was really impressed by the amount of amazing talents we have surrounding us. I know there are many more out there especially in a variety of categories; YouTubers, Artists, Graphic Designers, Seamstresses, Actors and so forth, if you know of any please do tag them below. Kindly try to show those mentioned in this post your support. I hope this post has helped.

With Love,

Roxanne-Sasha x


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