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The Independent Mother Hub: Engage In Activities Together

Our topic moving forward is going to be The Independent Mother. You can find out more here and in my stories! To join the group or sign up head to:

You may be wondering what an Independent Mother is..well to summarise an Independent Mother is a Mother who is raising her child(ren) Independently with little to no help from the child's father.

Though it is important to note that Independent Mothers do have an extra pair of hands helping them from time to time and that is from God! We are not in this alone. He is always watching over us and helping us as we go through Motherhood.

The fourth tip I have for you is:

Many child(ren) have gone back to school, for others they're still engaging in virtual learning. These tips apply for all situations. Children often just want to spend time with us doing even the simplest of things. Isabella-Grace loves going on bear hunts! She is very much an outdoor girl and a mini explorer, so taking that into consideration we participate in a lot of stimulating indoor and outdoor activities.

Earlier Isabella-Grace and I were dancing together, it is something we usually do, but it is more fun now because her taste in music has changed a lot! She loves to listen to fast paced songs because she is so full of energy! Sometimes I cannot actually keep up lol.

Now she has decided that she is going to build a tent in her bedroom and I'm all for it! I loved doing these things as a child. Later, we are going to do some colouring using the colouring sheets from @tinytruthsbible website.

What are some activities you've done with your child(ren) lately? Have you done anything fun with them today? Comment below and let's talk!

With Love,

Roxanne-Sasha x


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