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The Independent Mother Hub: Take Time Out

Our topic moving forward is going to be The Independent Mother. You can find out more here and in my stories! To join the group or sign up head to:

You may be wondering what an Independent Mother is..well to summarise an Independent Mother is a Mother who is raising her child(ren) Independently with little to no help from the child's father.

Though it is important to note that Independent Mothers do have an extra pair of hands helping them from time to time and that is from God! We are not in this alone. He is always watching over us and helping us as we go through Motherhood.

The third tip I have for you is:

Having some time to yourself is SO essential Especially as an Independent Mother because we are doing a 2 person job by ourselves. Believe it or not most of my work gets done when Isabella-Grace is asleep.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, tired and stressed; this is where your village comes in. As per my last video - don't be afraid to ask for help because not asking could be detrimental to you. Constantly feeling as if you need to be on "GO" all the time will have an effect on you eventually. Take some time out and engage in some much needed self-care! What are some ways you engage in self-care? Comment below and let's talk!

Communicate with them about their day, about their feelings and discuss things with them instead of forcing ideas on to them is a great way to open up the door way for open dialogue. In this way if they are struggling with something they will tell you instead of keeping it to themselves.

Encouraging them to help you with small, age appropriate chores will also give them a sense of responsibility without the added pressure. My daughter enjoys cleaning up her learning area. She also has a job of bringing her clothes to her bedroom. These may seem like light chores, but it is the pride she feels when I thank her and congratulate her for doing a good job. Her job is not to be the second adult in the house - her job is to be a child. It is my responsibility to raise her to be strong, confident and Independent.

Do you give your child(ren) chores to do? How do you avoid applying pressure on your child(ren)? Comment below and let's talk!

With Love,

Roxanne-Sasha x


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