My Silver Cross Country Club Special Edition Pram

Finding a decent pushchair for my daughter was indeed a nightmare! I tried out so many with her and I just didn’t like any of them. I found many of them were just unsuitable [please check out my previous blog post: The battle of the pushchairs!

I almost gave up, but the reality was I needed a pushchair for my daughter. Eventually I came across the SilverCross Freeway Country Club Pram in Black and Tan. I immediately fell in love! I loved the quilted design of the pram, it is elegant and very stylish. The pram is suitable from birth to about 3/4 years old depending on the size of your child.

​ The pram arrived in two different boxes, one box had the chassis and the other box had the carry cot alongside the hood and the foot muff. Setting up the pram was effortless, I managed to do it all by myself in less than half an hour. I did however struggle with the carrycot as it is quite heavy. Removing the carrycot and closing the chassis was also problematic and I struggled with this for a few weeks. Eventually, I got the hang of it [thank God!] and I now can do it rather easily.

The hood is very generous and can be removed or adjusted according to your preference. The carry cot can also be adjusted at the back to help your baby to sit up or enable your baby to sleep comfortably.

The pram came with a luxurious bag which matches the design of the chair, inside it had a bottle holder and a small black changing mat. My daughter does not use the changing mat as she is rather long, so I use my Yummy Mummy changing mat instead.

The pram can use the white inlay rather than the black one, although at the moment I prefer to use the black inlay.

The pram features a lovely, padded mattress which ensures that my daughter is comfortable at all times. She sleeps really well in her SilverCross when we are on the go.

The shopping basket is quite large and it can hold her changing bag and my handbag along with some shopping. Sometimes depending on how full her changing bag is, it can be quite problematic for me to take the bag out. I find that when the chair is forward facing, I am able to have better access to the shopping basket than when it is facing me.

The pram has a sleek design and has Silver Cross engraved on the metal part of the handlebar. The rest of the handlebar is tan and real leather. It is very comfortable and easy for me to grip. I enjoy holding on to the handlebar whereas with some pushchairs I have found that at times my hands can slip off. The handle bar can be adjusted for tall or shorter parents, therefore I feel more in control with this pram.

The wheels are very durable and they can be removed if necessary. The wheels at the front of the pram can be locked when going over difficult terrain. They are foam filled which is a joy for me. In the beginning I was not aware of all of this as I am a first time mother, but now I am more aware about prams [amongst other things], I opted for a pram which did not require a wheel pump.

The rain cover is absolutely amazing and ensures that my daughter is kept dry at all times! It has small holes at the sides to ensure that air gets in and it has a zip across the raincover, so, I can open and close the raincover as and when required. This, in my eyes is a bonus, whereas some rain covers are just standard rain covers.

The chassis of the pram can be folded away for easy storage and it is able to stand up by itself! This means I can put the chassis to stand in the hallway without it taking up much space.

[Taken from the John Lewis Site]

This SilverCross can change from being a pram to being a pushchair, as my daughter gets older I will blog about my experience with the pushchair when we try the different positions.

So far, so good and I throughly love this pushchair. It is very beautiful and elegant, I am yet to see someone with this pushchair. SilverCross did an amazing job with this one!

With love,

Roxanne-Sasha x

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