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I'M A GIRLY Jasmine Doll Review


Isabella-Grace and I were given the fantastic opportunity by Britmums and I’M A GIRLY to have an exclusive look at I’M A GIRLY’S brand new range of diverse dolls. Isabella-Grace was totally in her little element! It brought back so many fond childhood memories for myself because I LOVED dolls as a child. Isabella-Grace and my little cousin Teegan were invited along to play with the dolls, change their hairstyles and even dress them up, they both had a lovely time and spoke about their highlights of the day all the way home, as did I. 

A few weeks later a beautiful surprise appeared on our doorstep, I knew what it was, but Bella had no idea, so I allowed her to open the box with some assistance. She jumped up screaming with excitement as she unravelled the beautiful Jasmine! I was excited for her too. Jasmine came looking just as beautiful as she did when we got the opportunity to play with her, she arrived in her signature fancy purple gown and her sparkly silver sandals. She looked ever so elegant!

Jasmine also arrived with her original curly hair, but she came with extra hair; a colourful ombre orange wig and a daytime outfit which she is pictured wearing above. Isabella-Grace did not waste any time changing Jasmine out of her fancy outfit into something comfier. After which she took her into her playroom to meet the rest of her dolls.  Jasmine and Chioma instantly took a liking to one another and bonded straightaway much to Isabella-Grace’s satisfaction as Chioma is one of her favourite dolls (now Jasmine is too!)

Now, let’s get into the review!


I’M A GIRLY was founded by Theresia Le Battistini and started in Switzerland. The luxurious Swiss dolls recently just arrived in popular toy store Hamleys and Harrods. They retail from £109 upwards.

The dolls are created by pre-teens and teens between the ages of 9 and 13 years old through the company’s KIDS4KIDS approach. Children know what children want, so this is a nice way of bringing them on board to design astounding dolls which will appeal to their generation. Interestingly they are designed by girls and boys; not just girls. When some people think of dolls, they may associate them with just girls, but it is nice to know that boys have been able to help with the design process. The KIDS4KIDS team collectively have designed such excellent, high quality dolls.

The Kids4Kids design team, motto is "No matter how old you are, everyone can be a GIRLY!" What is important in this statement is that everyone is included. 

Meet The Dolls.

I’M A GIRLY offers a very diverse range of dolls with varying skin tones to suit everyone. The dolls have been designed with realistic body proportions and each have their own little story to tell. Jasmine is said to be a full-time daydreamer and adores everything that glitters, we can tell that she loves glittery things because her beautiful silver shoes are full of sparkles! Currently there are five different dolls to choose from; Jasmine, Kayla, Zoé, Lucy and Lola.

Jasmine is a pet lover who enjoys spending time with her golden retriever and her pony. She has beautiful curly hair and wears a purple dress.

Kayla is sporty. She enjoys playing volleyball with her friends and she enjoys wearing street style clothing.

Zoé is an explorer who enjoys going on adventures, going for walks and enjoying the sun and flowers.

Lucy enjoys dancing and singing. She also enjoys socialising with her friends, going to concerts and will not be seen without her backpack, (I can totally relate with the backpack, I love my backpack!)

Lastly, Lola is said to be a fashionista because of her trendy long purple hair. Lola is sporty and enjoys dressing up and ballet.

The dolls seem to live happy and healthy lifestyles which is important. Sports do keep you fit and it is good to know that most of the dolls engage in some sort of sporting activity as do most children and teenagers.


It is nice to see a variety of different dolls from various backgrounds. It is so important for little girls to be able to identify with dolls or toys who they feel look similar to them, i.e with skin complexion and hair texture/style. Although Bella has a mixture of dolls (white, black, Asian, etc.) I encourage her to play with whatever makes her happy. Growing up I did not have a lot of black dolls which is quite sad because white dolls dominated the market at the time. I am happy to live in an era where this is no longer the case and where body proportions with dolls are being challenged, i.e Barbie’s Fashionista range and I’M A GIRLY dolls.


I’M A GIRLY pride themselves on having high quality standards and this is very evident in the quality not just of the dolls, but the packaging that the dolls arrive in. The packaging is made from top quality materials and can be re-used for other purposes. A popular choice would be a wardrobe or closet because inside of the packaging there is a small circular mirror for Jasmine to look at herself as she gets ready.

The companies no waste policy means that we can keep the box that Jasmine came in and as stated earlier we have a choice of what we would like to use it for. Bella has decided that she will use it as a wardrobe for Jasmine to store her clothing in.

This is a great little storage place for Jasmine’s soon to be bustling wardrobe because there are so many different dolls clothing and accessories to collect, we simply cannot just stop at one or two!


Another interesting point is that the dolls have a “cut hair, don’t care” feature which means that children can cut the dolls hair or change their wigs as and when they please. This is a very unique feature because a lot of dolls on the market, do not allow children to be able to change their hair. The fact that I’M A GIRLY offers children the chance to change the dolls wigs according to their taste and style sets them apart from many other companies. I believe this is an important feature because children see people around them changing their hairstyles, dyeing their hair and having haircuts, so what better way of imitating this concept than on their dolls.

Jasmine is just perfect for my daughter because she gets bored easily and she often changes her dolls clothing to suit herself . She is not shy about changing their hairstyles either. I am fond of the fact that if the dolls are having a bad hair day or you just fancy a change, then your child is welcome to cut the dolls hair according to their preference. They are free to go as low as they please. Bella sometimes uses her blunt toddler scissors in an attempt to try and cut her dolls hair, so I can see her cutting Jasmine’s hair when she is a little bit older (sigh!) This is a clever way of appealing to pre-teens and teens who are growing up and exploring fashion and trends. With this idea their dolls can be changed too and join them on the fun. Nobody goes through life with the same hairstyle or wearing the same clothes, so why should dolls be any different?!

Features. Jasmine’s eyelashes are beautiful, and her eyes are bright and welcoming. She has a very pleasant and friendly face which is very inviting for Bella to play with her.  She is wearing a very subtle shade of pink lip gloss and it is not overpowering or too much for a child/pre-teen to play with. It is nice to have a doll that is not wearing loud, vibrant make-up and one that younger children as well as pre-teens can relate to.

Jasmine has perfectly manicured finger nails and has an equally appealing French pedicure. I found this so funny, but cute at the same time. Isabella-Grace often asks for me to paint her toe nails, so when I pointed it out to her that Jasmine has her toe nails painted too, she said, “it’s lovely!”


The quality of the hair, clothes and Jasmine in general is phenomenal. My daughter owns many dolls, but literally Jasmine is not only the most expensive, but her quality is above the rest. Her hair is lovely to touch; soft, silky and easy for little fingers to manipulate and style according to their taste. If they get bored, it is easy for them to pop their dolls hair off and put on a different wig.

I had an enjoyable time brushing and manipulating Jasmine’s hair alongside Bella. The wigs are made from Kanekalon fiber and the smooth, glossy texture of the wigs are just heavenly to stroke. They are tangle free which is great because again as a child I remember a lot of my dolls having tangled and matted hair, I grabbed a scissors and gave a few of them a very awful haircut, hoping to resolve the problem, but it did not work! It is nice to see that I'M A GIRLY use only the best materials to create their dolls.

Clothing and Accessories. The clothing and accessories are very contemporary and reminiscent of fashion trends today. Colours range from bright yellows to pastel colours and even subtle shades such as taupe. Children have so many different clothing and accessories to choose from, so their dolls will always be looking as trendy as they are!

The sunglasses and mini backpacks are simply adorable. I would like to see some little gadgets to put in the bags and to enhance play such as laptops, mobiles. I think these would be good for children as they are playing to have little props that they see in everyday life.

Another good idea would be to have jewellery. Necklaces; chokers and earrings would be good too. My daughter asked for earrings at the launch because she noticed that the dolls had holes in their ears, possibly this is a work in progress and would be really nice if this was incorporated.

From plaid, tweed, metallics, stripes, polka dots, glitter, floral, pastels, tan, sequins, checked, dogtooth, velour, leopard print, textures and patterns, I’M A GIRLY has it! Children may find themselves spoilt for choice. The variety is so big that children can even twin with their dolls as they may have similar shades, styles or colours of clothing already in their own wardrobes, i.e dark denim jacket or pink pastel dress. The possibilities are truly endless.

Conclusion. I am impressed with Jasmine and the I’M A GIRLY range because the dolls are so versatile. The general quality of the dolls shows that the I’M A GIRLY brand produces high quality toys whilst taking into considerations the views of children and others.

The I’M A GIRLY doll range brings something different to the doll market, they are not your typical doll. Many dolls on the market appear to be more geared towards girls rather than boys and girls and I’M A GIRLY aspires to change that notion and rightly so. I feel that children should be able to play with any toy they desire and should not be restricted from doing so. Playing with a variety of toys enhances their learning experience; we want to enhance children, not restrict them!

The concept of changing the wigs is also an innovative idea and will be very popular with children around the world. Jasmine will be cherished by Bella for a very long time to come. I am excited to see what the future holds for I'M A GIRLY because I believe they are on to something great!

When I was younger, if I had this kind of doll growing up, I must honestly admit that she would be sitting very proudly on my shelf. I have not seen any doll on the market that has these unique features, so I'M A GIRLY is in a league of their own.

I believe that an I’M A GIRLY doll would make an excellent present for someone this Christmas. If you would like to find out more about the range, please head to:

Thank you so much Britmums and I’M A GIRLY!

With Love, Roxanne-Sasha x

*This post is part of a paid project with I’M A GIRLY and BritMums, promoting the I’M A GIRLY Fashion-Dolls, new high-end fashion dolls that just landed in Harrods and Hamleys.They are hip, cheeky, trendy and a bridge between childhood and teenage years. See the dolls and accessories at

All opinions are my own.

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